Custom Elements
for YOOtheme Pro

New Element Release 🚀

We released our new element the cf Typer.
With this element you can easily create typing animations

More elements for your YOOtheme Pro Webpage

We are working with YOOtheme Pro since its launch in 2016 and we think that it is a great framework. After developing a lot of websites with YOOtheme Pro we felt the need for more elements in the library, giving us the possibility to realize all of our ideas. That’s why we started developing our own custom YOOtheme Pro elements.
For sure we are not the only ones who would like to have more YOOtheme Pro elements, so we want to share them with you. The elements can be purchased for a small amount of 20 € (excl. VAT) per element.

A first look

What you can see here is in fact one of our elements: The cf Counter. It closes a circle around an incremental counting number as soon as it enters the viewport. It is configurable via the Builder as you can see on the screenshots below.




1 +


so far!

Discover our YOOtheme Pro elements

cloudfood elements

For the moment we offer five different elements for YOOtheme Pro. We think every element is great to expand the existing element list and offers you a lot more design opportunities for your webpage.

More elements are in the works.

Below you can see the cf Panel Slider 🙂

    New builder elements